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Malware vs. IoT

IoT Targeted By Malware

Linux-based systems rule most of the systems that are used today.  It is the foundation that the devices we have rely on, but Malware targeting on Linux systems is growing.  WatchGuard Technologies released a report last week that analyzed data collected from more than 26,000 appliances worldwide.  This report found three Linux malware programs for the first quarter of the…

IT Costs

Strategies To Reduce IT Costs

IT Maintenance and amp; Management costs and an organization’s competitiveness has an inverse relationships. The idea behind is that the more you reduce the maintenance and management costs, the more money you will have for new project's development or to take new initiatives that service the entire business. Six common strategies that are used by organizations to reduce their M…

ITSM Royal IT Support

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Frameworks

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) is more than a service desk which refers to all the activities, policies  and amp; processes. Organizations use it for deploying, managing and amp; improving IT service delivery. Organizations generally use a pre-defined framework of best practices and amp; standard processes to provide a disciplined approach to ITSM implementation. The most famous ITSM framework is the Information…

Cloud Security

Everything you need to know about Cloud Security

Cloud Security Cloud security isn’t superior just because more technicians are watching over servers. When all the facets of your business’s IT are in one place, the vulnerabilities associated with each technology get mixed together to drastically increase your risk exposure. For example, a server sitting on the same network as workstations could be compromised by an employee downloading malware. And…