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Cloud Consulting Services - Managed IT Services & Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Leads to a Fully Managed and Supported Cloud Environment

Royal IT Cloud Consulting offers a structure focusing on the demand and consistency that a financial firm needs. Our Cloud infrastructure has been systematically built up for maximizing speed by using industry standard hardware and software. All of our cloud based services are designed with redundancy and business redundancy are delivered by our 24/7 Support team. Our virtual private and hybrid cloud options have a very high level of performance, while allowing IT team flexibility and control. Our experts can sort out any compliance, resource or geographical constraint.

Reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and find the best IT strategy objectives for your business faster than ever before. We support and guide you through the process of integrating cloud computing into your business. Explore possibilities, ask questions, and open your business up to unprecedented growth potential.

Key Features of Cloud Consulting Services

  • Server Infrastructure
  • Full Failover & Redundancy
  • Storage & Backup
  • Virus & Security Protection
  • Virtual Firewall
  • Email & Monitoring
  • Data Center Hosting Services

Key Benefits

  • Secure & Resilient Cloud Consulting Environment
  • Integration & support services for multiple applications
  • Off-site backup & redundancy
  • Performance, security, and sustainability

If you’ve got the vision, then let’s make it happen

Well-utilized. Streamlined. Cost-reduced. 100% Secure. The IT operations of your dreams is within reach. With Royal IT Support Cloud Consulting Services. Your selection ranges from on-premises, fully off-premises or hybrid virtualization approach to email, desktop, backup, co-location, disaster recovery, business continuity or virtual infrastructure. You can protect your company’s data as well as your companies operations  while reducing costs and improving productivity.