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How Safe Is Your Data? - Managed IT Services & Cloud Consulting

How Safe Is Your Data?

Google’s G-Mail platform is widely used around the world by millions of people.  It’s friendly user-interface and availability as one of the many Google applications appeals to many; however, there remained a process that most people were not fully aware of.  It’s not necessarily a secret that Google scans users’ e-mails and messages to display text ads based on the contents of your email if you are using the free and consumer version of Gmail.  If you use the Google G Suite service you won’t see any advertisements or any scanning of your inbox.

Senior Vice President of Google Cloud Diane Greene explained that some businesses were confused by the distinction between the services and the concern of privacy some consumers had with the practice.  Ads will appear on the free version of G-mail but will be more based off your personal settings that are changeable and can be turn off ad personalization.  G Suite itself will remain ad-free.  Greene adds that usage of G Suite among corporate customers has increased in the past year with over three million companies paying for G Suite services.

Data will continue to be gathered however as is common practice among companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.  Google can collect data from your search history, the websites you visit, videos you watch on YouTube, ads you click on, your location on Google-connected devices, and it doesn’t end there.  You can change what you allow Google to see and use in your google account settings but that won’t stop all the data gathering.

Today, the collection of data is even more valuable than the oil industry.  Companies spend big bucks on data trends to see what they can cater to for consumers next.  This data collection’s reasoning comes down to making advertising and marketing easier for these companies to gain control over markets and demographics.  There are many worries about what the gathering of this information can really mean, but anything connecting this to a Skynet kind of thing is reaching.

If you’re interested in learning more about the gathering of your data and it’s applications, stay tuned to Royal IT’s Tech Blogs to learn more!

-Max Rye

Network Engineer, MCSE, CCNP