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Our Brains Can Talk To Machines? - Managed IT Services & Cloud Consulting

Our Brains Can Talk To Machines?

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency a.k.a. DARPA is the research department of the U.S. military and have made an amazing breakthrough with their research.  DARPA’s research has led them to making computers that can be inserted into brains to restore people’s senses.  More than 60 million dollars funded the Neural Engineering System Design, their goal is to build a “neural interface” that can be planted in the human body.  These embedded computers will be no bigger than one cubic centimeter and will be converting the electrochemical language of the neuron into ones and zeros.  This will allow brains to directly communicate to machines and vice versa.  According to Dr. Elizabeth Strychalski, program manager of DARPA’s bio-technologies office, states that these sensory restoration examples are one of the potential application.  Meaning they are open and exploring a multitude of uses for this technology.

 “By increasing the capacity of advanced neural interfaces to engage more than one million neurons in parallel, NESD aims to enable rich two-way communication with the brain at a scale that will help deepen our understanding of that organ’s underlying biology, complexity, and function.” -Phillip Alvelda, founding NESD program manager.

Earlier, Facebook voiced its interest in using technology similar to this that would let you type words “directly from your brain” yet refuses to confirm or deny if it will use your thoughts to sell advertisements.  Stay tuned to Royal IT’s Tech Blog to keep up to date with the tech world and how it may concern your future.

-Max Rye

Network Engineer, MCSE, CCNP