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Ransomware And How To Defend Yourself From It - Managed IT Services & Cloud Consulting

Ransomware And How To Defend Yourself From It

Recently a crisis has occurred involving a massive attack on cyber-security for the world’s PC users. The wide spread Ransomware malware has put many users in a panic over the safety of their private information and the use of their computers.  To better understand how to keep yourself safe from Ransomware I will shortly explain how Ransomware works and some new fixes if you are affected.


Ransomware infiltrates your computer as what is known as a “Trojan” virus.  A Trojan virus would enter your computer by downloading an unsafe file or a vulnerability in the network service.  Once the Trojan is in your computer it would claim that your computer is locked from use (e.g., a scare-ware program) by running a payload that displays a fake warning supposedly from a law enforcement entity claiming your compute has been used for illegal activities including holding content like pornography or “pirated” media.  They would lock or restrict your system until the payment is made.  The most sophisticated of these payloads would encrypt your files, using strong encryption so that only the author of the malware itself can decrypt your files and give them back to you.  Once it’s reached this state most victims are coerced into paying for the ransomware to be removed.  Payment is usually always the main goal, payment methods would generally range from wire transfers, premium-rate text messages, pre paid voucher services and the digital currency Bitcoin.

This is a short but concise summary on the implementation of Ransomware on your personal computer, and now we are onto how to keep yourself safe and getting rid of this malicious malware. As recently as May 29th however, a reliable fix to decrypt your files and terminate the ransomware has been created.  On the 29th of May a random forum user uploaded the master decryption key that can decrypt all files encrypted by the Ransomware.  Kaspersky Lab the cybersecurity company used the master description key and created a program that uses it to decrypt all of your files and encrypts whatever file caused the ransomware to infiltrate your computer, then allowing you to terminate the ransomware.  You can also end the processes of ransomware in task manager.

More steps are being taken towards ensuring PC users’ privacy and security amidst this major controversy.  Cyber-security companies and organizations continue to work diligently to combat the malicious attacks set forth by those intending to steal your money, files, or data and extort the public with no consideration of moral dignity and preying on those who are uninformed about the real dangers and scams the internet must offer.   These companies will make advancements and breakthroughs with their extensive research on cyber-security to keep your private information safe.

Written by: Max Rye