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The Future of Transportation - Managed IT Services & Cloud Consulting

The Future of Transportation

The railway system was a revolutionary form of transportation in the United States.  The Wright Brothers were responsible for an entirely new mode of transportation in the sky.  On July 12, 2017 Hyperloop One developed and successfully tested a vehicle designed to travel in a vacuum environment.  This test resulted in the controlled propulsion and levitation of a vehicle on a specially built track.  Hyperloop’s vehicle reached a speed of 70 miles per hour on a 315-foot test track hitting 2Gs of acceleration during a span of 5.3 seconds while levitating.  The next step of testing was on Hyperloop One’s DevLoop Test Track in Nevada, which can reduce the air pressure to what is equal to 200,000 feet above sea level,  allowing the vehicle to travel to speeds of 250 miles per hour.

Hyperloop One is a startup mass transportation comapny that turned the concept originally by Tesla CEO Elon Musk into a working transport module.  In fact, several of the engineers on the Hyperloop One team were former engineers for Musk’s other company SpaceX.  Ever since Elon Musk introduced the idea, the scope of the technology required to fuel the project has been a question because of how vague the initial concept was.  So far more than$150,000,000 dollars have been raised for funding and the co-founder of Hyperloop One Shervin Pishevar states “Hyperloop One will move people and things faster than at any other time in the world,”.

When airplane technology was established, it still took several years of refinement and development to remain successful and to be applied to the real world.  The same will apply to this new technology but changes are bound to happen within the next several years as well.   To stay up to date on Hyperloop’s testing stay tuned for Royal IT Support’s Tech Blogs.